Certified IT Professionals in Web App Development

Advanced training to develop technical skills in the field of Web Application Development. This training program can also be undertaken as short term summer trainings or winter trainings during college breaks.

Who Should Do ?

Bachelor Of Technology, Bachelor Of Engineering, Bachelor Of Science, Bachelor Of Computer Application, Master Of Technology, Master Of Engineering, Master Of Science, Master Of Computer Application.

Modules Covered in the Course

  • Overview of Web Apps Development
    • Features of Web Apps Development Tool
    • Creating an web application
    • Create, build and view an web form
  • Using Controls
    • Using Server controls
    • Using Client controls
  • Using Navigation Controls
    • Using TreeView control
    • Using Menu Control
    • Using SiteMapPath
  • Adding code to Web Form
    • Using code behind pages
    • Adding event procedures to web server controls
    • Using page events
  • Adding functionality to a Web Application
    • Creating Page_Load event procedure
    • Creating Click event procedure
  • Validating User Input
    • Overview of user input validation
    • Using validation controls
    • Page validation
    • Required Field Validator control
    • ValidationSummary control
    • CompareValidator control
    • RegularExpressionValidator control
    • RangeValidator control
  • Using Master Files
    • Creating Master Pages
    • Applying styles to web pages
    • Applying themes
    • Using Skin files
  • Creating User Controls
    • Creating web user controls
    • Adding web user controls to an web forms
  • Database Connectivity
    • Connecting with database
    • Connected & Disconnected approach
    • Using stored procedure in Web application
  • Using Data Controls
    • DataGrid control
    • DetailsView
    • FormView
    • Repeater control
    • DataList control
  • Managing State
    • Application & State Management
    • Application variables
    • Session variables
    • Cookies
    • Caching Mechanism
  • Tracing in Web Application
    • Understanding Tracing
    • Implementing Tracing
  • Security in Web Application
    • Web application security overview
    • Authentication & Authorization

* You can design and customize your training based upon your requirements from above mentioned topics or ask our experts to do it for you

Training Mode

Instructor Lead Regular / Instructor Lead Online / Instructor Lead Part Time / Onsite (Corporate)

Training Schedule

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