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Touch Next Generation

With this philosophy in mind we boast of a culture where we continuously inspire our team to innovate new ideas and let team evolve along with the organization. We understand your aspirations and encourage you at every step to make more meaning out of your life - professional or personal

Along with a meaningful life, we promote a fun filled and learning environment at NESPL. We strongly recommend you to talk to us if at any day any time you feel that you are not enjoying at NESPL. We involved our team in all important policy making. Our policies also reflect the same as we believe, company policies are "Of the people, By the people & For the people"

You will notice that while we may be in the midst of a serious thought process, the office starts echoing with sound of applaud. At times, we may even find that sound disturbing, but we realize that it is important as it helps someone feel recognized for the contribution made.

NESPL is a place where at one corner, you may find people involved in strategy planning, on the other you may find a bunch of team members bursting out in laughter but all of them are well aware of the need to be involved in both and hence everyone respects what others do.

In a nutshell, at NESPL "Work Hard and Party Harder" for a better communicable world. Join us and touch next generation today.

HR Policies

It would not be an exaggeration to state that our people are our only real asset. We would like you to consider us as an option in your career plans. What we can guarantee here is a working environment and quality of work that will be unparalleled. On our benefits menu, you will find entrees that are not seen in the corporate world. Here is a tasting.

We will listen to you, your suggestions and comments and act upon them
We will respect your individuality
We will encourage your creativeness and desire to innovate
We will try our best to accommodate your professional and personal preferences
We encourage you to learn from your mistakes and move on
We totally understand and appreciate that you have a life outside work
And yes, surely, we will try our best to exceed your expectations on the financial front too. We want to see you as next millionaire.