Perl Programming

In this course, you will learn the basics of scripting with Perl. Perl has long been considered “the duct tape of the Internet.” It is used to do everything from building web pages to creating back-end applications and administrative scripts. Countless programs have been written in Perl over the years.

Who Should Do ?

Bachelor Of Technology, Bachelor Of Engineering, Bachelor Of Science, Bachelor Of Computer Application, Master Of Technology, Master Of Engineering, Master Of Science, Master Of Computer Application

Modules Covered in the Course

Training Outline - Perl-Introduction:

Training Code : NES_SK_7511

1. Create and run Perl programs using basic scalars, arithmetic, conditional statements, and interpolation.

2. Implement and manipulate strings, functions, operators, lists, loops, and arrays.

3. Format output and list content.

4. Map data with hashes.

5. Perform basic Unix commands.

6. Aggregate and sort data using subroutines.

7. Read external files in Perl.

Training Outline - Perl-Intermediate:

Training Code : NES_SK_7512

1. Create practical programs that interact with the user and the operating system.

2. Perform useful and important tasks without even writing programs, by calling Perl from the command line with brief “one-liners.”

3. Match and change text using the powerful technology of regular expressions.

4. Enhance software quality with a larger repertoire of Perl operators, functions, and looping constructs.

Training Outline - Perl-Advanced :

Training Code : NES_SK_7513

1. Demonstrate knowledge of Perl slices.

2. Obtain useful information about files and the operating system.

3. Manage and manipulate data using grep and map.

4. Perform sleight-of-hand with references, hash references, and hashes of hashes.

5. Structure and optimize data.

6. Develop full-fledged Perl programs that employ exception-handling, multidimensional arrays, and regular expressions.

7. Implement Perl one-liners using command-line options.

8. Solve the Eight Queens Problem.

Training Outline - Perl-Applied:

Training Code : NES_SK_7514

1. Create reusable modules in object-oriented Perl.

2. Send email using Perl.

3. Process web page forms.

4. Interact with a database.

5. Scrape web pages and parse HTML.

6. Handle complex date and time data.

7. Implement the Moose O-O system in Programming in Perl Language at www.exuberantsolutions.comPerl.

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