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BREW Mobile Application Development

All over the world, Brew Application development services have been growing in popularity. The software development for the Qualcomm BREW platform brought instant recognition of its credibility. One of the reasons for the growing popularity of BREW is the use of BREW application development by most mobile companies.

BREW Platform
The full form of BREW reads as Binary Runtime Environment for Wireless. It is known as an end-to-end solution for providing wireless applications development. It is completely different from Java or ASP.Net.

BREW developers
BREW works right on top of the hardware layer. Thus, Brew guarantees enhanced speed and efficiency. If its speed in enabling application execution is compared with application frameworks like Java Mobile Edition, Brew tops it all.

Our expertise covers development of the following BREW Applications' types:

   Brew Mobile Platform Developer Network

   Brew SDKs and Tools

   Brew Documentation

   Brew Forums

   Adobe� Flash� LiteT for Brew Devices

   Brew Device Details

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