Training in Application Development using J2ME

Advanced training to develop technical skills in the field of application development using J2ME. This training program can also be undertaken as short term summer trainings or winter trainings during college breaks.

Who Should Do ?

Technical Managers, Consultants, Communications Professionals, Software engineers, System Engineers, Network Professionals, Marketing and Sales professional, IT professionals.

Modules Covered in the Course

  • Introduction to J2ME
  • What is the J2ME Platform?
  • J2ME Specifications
  • The Connected Limited Device Configuration
  • The CLDC Java Virtual Machine
  • The CLDC Class Libraries
  • The Mobile Information Device Profile and MIDlets
  • MIDP Overview
  • The MIDP Java Platform
  • MIDlets and MIDlet Suites
  • MIDlet Execution Environment and Lifecycle
  • Delivery and Installation of MIDlets
  • MIDlet User Interfaces
  • User Interface Overview
  • The High-Level User Interface API
  • The Low-Level MIDlet User Interface API
  • Wireless Java: Networking and Persistent Storage
  • Sockets
  • Datagrams
  • HTTP Connections
  • Persistent Storage

* You can design and customize your training based upon your requirements from above mentioned topics or ask our experts to do it for you

Training Mode

Instructor Lead Regular / Instructor Lead Online / Instructor Lead Part Time / Onsite (Corporate)

Training Schedule

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