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"I've been to a different training facilities for other technologies, and this is one of the few where I've left feeling like I've learned more than I expected.
Eduardo Moreno, USA


Machine Learning Matlab Training

Machine learning algorithms use computational methods to “learn” information directly from data without assuming a predetermined equation as a model. They can adaptively improve their performance as you increase the number of samples available for learning.
Machine learning algorithms are used in applications such as computational finance (credit scoring and algorithmic trading), image processing and computer vision (face recognition, object detection, object recognition), computational biology (tumor detection, drug discovery, and DNA sequencing), energy production (price and load forecasting), natural language processing, speech and image recognition, and advertising and recommendation systems.

Who Should Do ?

Technical Managers, Consultants, Communications Professionals, Software engineers, System Engineers, Network Professionals, Marketing and Sales professional, IT professionals.

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